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Fergie Time Pro

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Fergie Time reminds you when Manchester United play.It also shows you the kick-off time in your local time.The StoryIf you watch every match United play, you know the drill... It is hard to keep track of match timings. You have to flip through the sports section of a newspaper, catch sports segment on news channels or track United related websites to find the match timings. Still there's a chance that you'd forget about it. We wished there was an app which would remind us when United played. We couldn't find one and that's the reason why we went ahead and created Fergie Time. GGMU!
About Fergie TimeFergie Time reminds you when United play. It shows you the kick-off timing for the upcoming match and creates a reminder to ring 30 minutes before the match begins. We believe in simplicity, there are no complicated options or settings. Just open the app every once a while to check the match timing and it'll chug along.
Fergie Time shows you the kick-off timing in your local time. No messing around with BST, GMT, UTC or XYZ time zone.
Our app features crowd chants from Old Trafford, it will make you feel as if you are out there at Old Trafford waiting for the match to begin!
You'll have to buy this app only once. You'll get reminders for lifetime. You won't have to buy it every season.
Also, once Fergie Time downloads the match timing it will remind you about the match even if you are not connected to the internet.
Fergie Time is not affiliated with Manchester United. It has been crafted by 'Football Alarm'.
‘Fergie Time’ reminds you whenever United play a match in these competitions:EPLChampions LeagueFA CupLeague Cupand also the Tour matches.
And no, we won't be changing the name of this app to 'Moyes Time' anytime soon... not for the next 26 years at least.
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